A Beautiful Disaster

By Yewon Chang


In the canvas

the indigo acrylic glides

like the little girl

sliding from the slide.

Her crooked smile

as awkward as sitting still,

painted in the left side

of her mouth.


Today, a humid Sunday morning,

shoots its light through

the window reflecting off

the textured canvas.


The abstract work smiles

back to the light

as it accidentally spits

its Wolf Gray paint

leaving a dripping effect

like chocolate glaze

oozing down a 

layered butternut cake. 


Brush quickly shifts left-to-right

smudging Wolf Gray’s natural mark.

The girl’s hair turns gray

ruining the canvas’ statement.

Brush swishes and slides

fixing the petite mistake

turning the canvas into a messy mixing palette.


Behind it,

lightning pierces the clouds

as it brightens the canvas for

two seconds.

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