Artificial Nature

By Yuzo Lai



We live in a world where numbers define pride,

A cruel system that people abide. 

Despite this continuous fabricated reality,

It is a cycle; a curse on humanity.


Now, electronics only use zeros and ones,

With solely two numbers, every platform runs. 

Input: A like, a comment, an act of so-called lenity,

Output: An emotion, self-worth, a person’s identity.


We come in as a piece of the natural world,

Yet in this place, our minds are hypnotized and whirled.

What used to be trees are widgets,

What used to be nature are simply digits.


Touch. Meaning come into or be in contact with.

Touch. Now meaning contact with screens. 

Don’t take climate change as a myth,

And stop being bystanders,

Watching us lose touch with nature…


While nature hopes for realization. 


We continue the production.


Who knew corals were once vibrant?

Now factories have become Earth’s tyrant. 

Corals like skeletons, completely bleached,

A state of the environment we have clearly breached.


One moment, a wave is there. 

The next moment, it’s slipped through our fingers, like air. 

Will the next generation recall that wave?

Or will the memory just be buried in a grave?


Let’s hope for a revival,

Mother nature’s survival. 

Perhaps now, in a just reality,

We can redefine humanity.


Yuzo Lai

My name is Yuzo Lai, and I am currently a sophomore in high school. In terms of extracurriculars, I am dedicated to performing arts (primarily dance), as I find a lot of joy through movement. Additionally, my preferred genre of writing is definitely fiction, as I love to guide and spread words using imagination. Contact Yuzo Lai


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