Meet our contributing authors! They come from all over the world and have experience writing in all kinds of genres.

Aria Chawla

Aria Chawla is a 17-year-old from Singapore living in New Jersey. She enjoys writing and reading, especially anything that involves romance. In her spare time, she can be found watching Rick & Morty, curating her Pinterest boards, and listening to music that makes her nostalgic. She is one of the creators of Written by the Youth.

Contact Aria at @ariachawla on IG or by email at

Ariana Rossuck

Ariana Rossuck is a Filipino-American living in Singapore. Writing takes up most of her free time, but often gets lost in her collection of untitled google docs. She loves her coffee, volleyball, sci-fi movies, and 18 unorganised spotify playlists. She is another contributing creator of Written by the Youth.

Contact Ariana at @a.rossuck on IG or by email at

Reese Polk

Reese Polk is a 17 year old girl from New Jersey. Her hobbies include dancing, watercolor painting, reading, and building puzzles. She’s passionate about pop culture, politics, and art history. Her favorite shows include Avatar the Last Airbender, Euphoria, Gossip Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy. In the future she wants to work in psychology, social work, or fashion.

Contact her @reesiepiecie00 on Instagram

Gaby Beck

Gabrielle Beck is a 17 year old writer from New Jersey.  She plans to document Generation Z’s creativity, ingenuity, and innovation through her writing and photography. In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys repurposing vintage denim to promote sustainability.

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Hannah Chen

Born in 2004, Hannah Chen is a writer from New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Hannah grew to love writing since the fourth grade when she wrote a fictional story quite similarly based on one of her favorite books. She currently writes for several magazines and teen newspapers, hoping to spread awareness for social issues while expressing her small voice.

Contact Hannah at @ _hannahchen_ and @stories.of.the.untold on IG or by email

Justin Tran

Justin Tran is a Vietnamese-American residing in Singapore. His writing derives from all his experiences throughout his 17 years of life, and he hopes that through his writing he can make others “live a different life” and understand a different perspective. If he isn’t free-writing, Justin spends most of his free time dancing in a studio or his living room.  

Contact Justin at @justtin.tran on Instagram or by email at

Renee Phan

Renee Phan is a 15-year-old Vietnamese-American currently residing in Singapore. She loves spending her free time reading newspapers in its entirety, attending Model United Nations conferences, and scrolling through Pinterest. It was only until recently where Renee discovered her love for writing after penning her first op-ed essay while slurping down a bowl of pho:)

Contact Renee on IG @reneephan or email her at

Jackie Li

Jackie Li is a 15-year old sophomore student currently living in Singapore; she enjoys writing and brainstorming ideas during her free time. Apart from jotting things down in her notebook or furiously typing away, you can find her drawing or in the neighbourhood swimming pool. Her writing usually takes inspiration from one thing or another – she loves expanding on existing concepts and adding her personal flair to them. 

Contact Jackie by email at

Yuzo Lai

Yuzo Lai, is a sophomore in high school. In terms of extracurriculars, he is dedicated to performing arts (primarily dance), as he finds a lot of joy through movement. Additionally, his preferred genre of writing is definitely fiction, as he loves to guide and spread words using imagination. 

Contact Yuzo by email at

Avni Varshney

Avni Varshney is a high-schooler studying in Singapore. Her favourite author is Neal Shusterman, who wrote the Arc of the Scythe series. She always get’s excited about learning new things. Consequently, she adores writing about things that she previously did not know much about. Additionally, she love helping others. It could be through service or by simply helping another with a math question; she genuinely finds joy through aiding others.

Contact Avni by email at

Samantha Wang

Samantha Wang is a 15-year-old Taiwanese-American living in Singapore, but she isn’t really proud of being American at the moment. When she’s not playing basketball, you can often find her listening to music or searching for the willpower to do her homework. She loves all things horror – N0S4A2, The Institute, and IT are some of her favorite books.

Contact Samantha by email at

Zi Ning Lau

Zi Ning (Zi) Lau is currently a sophomore attending Singapore American School. If she’s not writing, she can be found running around on a basketball court, playing the guitar in the band room, or composing songs in her bedroom.  She loves hugs, fuzzy socks, blue dinosaurs, dad jokes, and mashed potatoes.

Contact Zi by email at and on IG at zining.lau

Amora Krishna

Amora Krishna is a 15-year-old writer residing in Singapore. She loves advocating for environmental justice and is involved with local and school sustainability clubs. Her aim is to create social change through her writing. Her favorite styles are open letters and editorials. Additionally, she loves performing (dance, drama, music) and dressing up her puppy “Sunshine”.

Contact Amora by email at

Taarini Gupta

Taarini Gupta is a 9th-grade student at Singapore American School. She has loved writing since elementary school and has participated in many writing competitions. Taarini particularly enjoys writing fiction stories based on current issues or are relevant topics, but she loves composing songs with meaningful lyrics as well. When she’s not singing, you can find her playing basketball, pondering life’s questions, or watching Short-films on YouTube. Her motto is: “life is what you make it.”

Contact Taarini by email at

Shivi Dixit

Shivi Dixit is a high school student from India, currently stressing over her medical entrance exam. Fascinated by the idea of death, she writes short horror stories and poems centred around its nature and its relation with the world around her.

Contact Shivi by email at and on IG at @shivi____dixit

Neel Dutta Gupta

Neel Dutta Gupta is a 17-year-old high school senior from Singapore. He enjoys writing poetry but is also interested in creative nonfiction and academic writing. He likes eating pasta, playing basketball and volleyball, re-watching Suits, and walking his dog. He is a recent contributor to Written by the Youth.

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