Poetry /ˈpəʊɪtri/

literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

What Makes a Man – Justin Tran

“I will become your heroine.
Your sweet aggressions rectify my mistakes.
Your brittle masculinity is my heart’s desire,
The remedy to my femininity.”

Perfection – Aria Chawla

“Carving me into something deemed “acceptable”
Foreign and unrecognisable
Melting me down to my very bones
And pouring me into a mould with greedy smiles on their gaunt faces”

Superstitions – Alysha Summerville

“she had the secrets of the universe
intertwined in her thick black hair
in the wink of her coffee eyes
underneath the six pleats of her sari
in her laugh”

Ourselves – Ariana Rossuck

“we fail to recognise the spontaneity that is within
in the way that we gaze into the mirror and forget the things
we have touched, the places we have
been, the people we have
fallen in love with, and those we merely
chose to ignore, or possibly to forget.”

A Winter’s Story – Jackie Li

people know about the red string
tied around your pinkies;
they know about your intertwined hands
and intertwined hearts.

they do not, and will not separate snow and winter.

Artificial Nature – Yuzo Lai

Let’s hope for a revival,
Mother nature’s survival.
Perhaps now, in a just reality,
We can redefine humanity.

when you proposed – Samantha Wang

sometimes i wonder 
if you were a shooting star
a meteor drifting aimlessly for too long
then you collided with the atmosphere

Quiet Moments – Emily Sayers

I felt free of time but prisoner to myself
It’s the little things, the quiet moments, that matter here
They’re small victories that feel like wars won

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